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Shaker Valley Foods - 3304 W. 67th Place, Cleveland, OH 44102 - (216) 961-8600
Fine Meat Processor & Distributor

Best Corned Beef in Cleveland! USDA Choice cut meatsServices:

  • Shaker Valley Foods business is providing the best quality products and excellent serivce to our customers for the best value.
  • We are committed to providing the same excellent service to the smallest customer or multi-unit foodservice business.
  • We maintain a modern state-of-the-art facility with multiple temperature controls, H.A.C.C.P. program, refrigerated delivery trucks, and meat cryovac packaging to assure product quality and safety.
  • We custom cut-to-order fresh meats and offer many products by the case, piece or pound to provide our customers with what they specifically want or need.
  • We will special order products or brands we don't stock if a customer wants or needs them.
  • We offer reasonable delivery minimums, easy ordering procedures, 5:00pm order cut-off times for next day delivery, Monday thru Friday delivery and open Saturday for order pick-ups.
  • We offer professional marketing advice and support, menu planning, recipes, new menu ideas, manufacturer rebates and always friendly courteous service.
  • Shaker Valley Foods guarantees customer satisfaction with every product and service.

Shaker Valley Foods & Fine Meats
Shaker Valley Foods in Cleveland, OH - Processors & Distributors Of Fine Meats & Quality Food Products