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Shaker Valley Foods - 3304 W. 67th Place, Cleveland, OH 44102 - (216) 961-8600
Fine Meat Processor & Distributor
Best Corned Beef in Cleveland! USDA Choice cut meats
Federally Inspected USDA Meat
Processing Facility
H.A.C.C.P. Approved Safety Program
Portion Control Cut Fresh Meats
Full Line Foodservice Products Distribution
Cleveland’s Finest Corned Beef

Welcome To Shaker Valley Foods:

Famous for our corned beef, Shaker Valley Foods in Cleveland is also a meat processor providing quality portion control fresh custom cut meats and a distributor of a full line of food and paper products for the foodservice industry.

Shaker Valley Foods Serves:
· Restaurants
· Deli’s
· Taverns
· Convenience Stores
· Caterers
· Clubs & Fraternal Orders
· Hospitals
· Hotels
· Institutions
· Festivals
· Special Events
· Golf Outings

Our business is providing the best quality products and excellent service to our customers no matter how large or small their business is. Review our entire website to see why Shaker Valley Foods may benefit your business.

Shaker Valley Foods & Fine Meats
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Shaker Valley Foods in Cleveland, OH - Processors & Distributors Of Fine Meats & Quality Food Products